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Volcanic debris affect to helicopters

I've read this thread from start to here. I am not a doom-monger.

The references to physical damage to helicopters seem to be almost entirely focussed on engines, some reference to m/r blades and a passing reference to windscreens.

On Friday, my car had a liberal coating of fine, talc-like dust which felt quite abrasive. On Saturday, after washing the screen there was a different deposit that looked like glass crystals.

My point here is that any moving parts of any machine are likely to be subject to accelerated wear if they are operated in these conditions of contamination. Not just the well-publicised engine problems.

I'm thinking:
Swashplate bearings
M/R feathering, teetering, flap and drag bearings
T/R bearings
Rod end bearings

Just my ha'pennies worth.
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