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I would much rather pay twice the price for an Integrated course if it gave me a better chance of getting a job at the end of it.
Striking as this sort of opinion happens to pop up all the time and much more.
Then some criticise WWW's blunt choice of vocab and calling someone 'zombie army' and headless lemmings.

'Boy', did you check current job prospects and for next few years to come, or are you just plain brainwashed by one of the 'pilot seminars'?

Yes, you get what you pay for. Whether it's over the odds, who cares, right?
Someone has to keep all the integrated schools' staff in job, including instructors.

How much of that 'I'd rather spend double' money for 'zero to fATPL' training have you actually earned yourself? Did you read updated information on huge unsecured loans? None now, really. Are your daddies stupid enough to secure their house against secured one??

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