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I have a complaint.

About five weeks ago I was a normal lad, going out, loads of mates and so on. Then I decided to have a look at this thread. Now I'd seen this thread years ago but with a title like 'Gaining an RAF Pilot's Brevet' it somehow didn't appeal - I wasn't really sure what a brevet was anyway. However that fateful day, whilst waiting for my mates to come round so we could go out to play, I noticed that the 'Brevet' thread had grown to some eighty pages so I thought it's about time I looked to see what the fuss was about.

Well, here I am, some five weeks and many hours reading later. I don't have any mates now, I hardly go out, and I have spent considerable money on a pile of books on the RAF in WW2, many still waiting to be read (including the best I've seen, Keith Ford's 'Snaith Days'). I've now travelled all over the world, the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, Africa and over Europe. I've flown in Harvards, Hurricanes, Spitfires, Sunderlands, Halifaxes and others. I've been shot at, had prangs and other lucky escapes. I've even been on the Berlin Airlift and flown with Sabena and in a Carvair (actually I have flown in a Carvair in the early sixties from Southend to Holland. Indeed I read around that time that one of the Carvair's had an incident in snowy conditions and there was a photo of it upside down).

I was advised to visit the doctors as it was all getting a bit much and he told me I had an addiction. There was no cure - it would sort itself out in time but I had to continue to feed this addiction until then.

I'M HUNGRY.......
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