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They probably got the warning, as the tree cuts measurements show, they were climbing, but terrain was climbing faster.
Not that it matters very much for them, but maybe it is good to know: In spite of all their errors, in the end they managed to rise faster than the terrain. From the height of 4 meters above ground, in this picture,

and being at least 9 meters below the runaway, they finally managed to rise some 20 meters above constantly rising ground and as much above level of the runaway, and almost exactly on the course. They were out of the valley and above the top of the hill but, unfortunately, still below the top of the trees near the road. And they would probably make it, if only those trees were not there. So, the lesson is: Airports with "death valley" in front of them should consider clearing the trees on the runaway axis, even if they are 800m far away and partially below the runaway level.

From Russian forums:
"I listened to the CVR tape today. To be more precise - the last 20 minutes.
The Polish prosecutor was right, the final is dramatic. They understood EVERYTHING during the last 5 seconds...
I cannot even remotely imagine how it would feel. They were first going down at the downward slope of the valley (it's not wide or deep, and they definitely were in it), then climbing up the rising side, constantly looking at the grass several meters in front of the cockpit - but never actually falling down. Four or five seconds, small eternity. And then through upper branches of the trees, successfully over the top of the hill and finally in full sight of the nearby runaway, but without parts of the wing "dramatic" may not be the right word.
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