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No Approach Lighting??

According to a pilot, familiar with this airfield, the only lights available
were, as he called them, three "spot lights" aiming at the incoming a/c
positioned at the threshold.

If they were on or off, nobody can tell at the moment.

As of, "turning them off to prevent the landing", it is hardly possible.

In the recent interviews the authorities of the airfield confirmed,
that they feel responsible for the accident, not taking the decision to close
the airfield. (Yes, in Russia they can do it.)

They argument, that they were afraid to cause a diplomatic scandal,
after letting the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to land on April 7th,
and then preventing the President, Lech Kaczyński, known for his
critical attitude against Russia, from landing 3 days later.

I think the chain of factors leading to this accident is long.

The "Swiss cheese" lump was quite thick this time...
Many holes lined up...

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