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Back a few hundred posts ago I have referred to some fundamental differences that have existed in the Russian/Soviet airspace ATC/crew relationship compared to what you and most of the rest of the world is accustomed to. In the old Soviet days ATC was supreme authority over all air traffic, the pilots HAD to follow their instructions, the only exception being an emergency. In this respect, ATC did have the authority to prohibit an approach or any other maneuvre, or close an airport if they wished to do so. While in modern Russia this has changed to western norms as far as civilian traffic is concerned, the mentality still lingers, especially in areas unaccustomed to international traffic, and is still valid for military airspace.

I'd need to check which one it was, in one of the official Russian statements it is explicitely said that the Russian AF IL76 that tried to land at the airfield before 101 was orderd to divert because the weather was below minimums. As 101 was classified as a civilian flight, ATC could only make a suggestion as to what action to take, but final decision rested with the pilot. This clearly speaks of double military/civilian standards.

I'm sure on aspect of the investigation will be to take a good hard look at the options and authority available to ATC, and the extent to which the controller have exercised them.
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