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2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It's looking like they were established on straight in final on an NDB approach, took it lower and lower...maybe watching the radar alt to follow terrain, but then hit an antennae at 66ft...then trees.

Another plane had made it in that day, another missed right before them...might have been some pressure, pilots trying to be the hero...

I would be curious to know what the approach speed was......scud running is a 'slow' sport, keeping your speed down to 'find the runway then land'...impacting a tower at slow speeds might have damaged a wing enough to create a stall....can't add enough power to fly it out...damaged wing drops...then hits trees....

Also curious if EPGWS was installed and then disregarded....I wonder if Russian NDB towers and their elevations are in the database....
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