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C Flight, No. 3 Squadron, 3 I.T.W., January 1941

I have been up to my eyes in work for almost a fortnight therefore was unable to follow up on the information that you gave me. However, I am back in the saddle again and ready to continue my research. Further to your mention of Wing Commander Peter Olver: he was not as far as I can tell closely related to Derek Olver. I checked out some of the other branches of the family tree, courtesy of my cousin in Australia but there appears to me no direct male line that might have netted a link i.e. cousin.
Today I am off to London to lend my daughter a hand and can see the opportunity arising to seek out Derek Olver's grave. I am armed with my documentation and Johnfairr's father's account of his memories of RAF service during WW11, which I intend to continue reading on the train.
Have your had any response from the queries that you made on my behalf to the RAF?
Awaiting your response with much gratitude.
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