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You wrote, "the rest is endless and empty rubbish"

So... you have already confirmed that this crash resulted from an erroneous command decision by an under-paid and under-qualified pilot flying an unsafe aircarft. Sure could have used your amazing insight and investigative skills over the years.

Though I'm not Russian, nor Polish, I know MAK very well -- and I'm confident they will conduct a thorough and professional investigation, including having an in-depth look at the flight crew’s experience level and their decision making. Without benefit of your expertise they might even look at other factors such as:
· Weather
· Aircraft systems and equipment
· Nav and approach aids (including PAR/GCA)
· Human factors -- such as the one mentioned by Ptkay: “ICAO, including Poland uses QNH, Russia and Russian trained military QFE. When doing my training with ex military CFI, he insisted for QFE, I had to rethink and learn flying QNH”
· Language issues

In the meantime, wanna tell us what happened to AF447?

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