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Well, as much as I know about the investigation processes, and how deep they dig....the results/reports and analysis should not be 100% publicly available, if we consider the fact that one of the countries is under NATO flag, and other is not. Digging deeper - too much dirty loundry (of the military AF) for the whole world to see.

Even if any lessons will be learned, I'm not sure if much will change. Previous posters rightfully mentioned military AF mentality differences of the post Soviet block countries and those of Old Europe or equivalent. The fact is, the old system corrupts the young. I've seen both sides.

There's a lot of ignorance in the top brass for aviation safety (government level) in the post Soviet block countries. That pertains to both military and civilian aviation.

So after this, who would at the government level keep flying a/c with almost nonexistant air force supervisory authority (there are such in the old NATO countries with more developed AF)? Too much national pride.

BTW, language (any language) profficiency requirements apply only to civil aviation. So, if the polish pilots had Level 4 in Russian, and Russian ATC had Level 4 in Plain Russian, that would be ok. English proficiency applies to aerodromes where Intl traffic operates. This was purely military airfield.
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