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Led Zep,

Yeah, Jundee was pretty revealing but there are plenty of examples of companies which have recovered from similar incidents (and accidents). Not a light decision by the Regulator (see I'm using Mr McCormick's capitol R even though it predates him) I'm sure.


Then perhaps you should write more carefully as the calls you refer to seemed to be about a company in strife, not calls bearing offers of employment.

You obviously do not work for Skippers or haven't previously
Well la-di-frickin'-da. No I've not worked for Skippers nor have I worked for about 95% of the companies I have made comments about. I shouldn't need to have worked somewhere to have an opinion much like you yourself needn't have worked for VOz, VB, QF, Skippers, Direct Air and NAC to justify all on whom you have commented.

You had three choices when posting last night:
  1. edited your post to read as you intended
  2. reposted explaining the misunderstanding
  3. freak out and look like a tosser
Well chosen.

Thanks for your terrific input.
Always a pleasure (and usually constructive without an axe to grind against a former employer),


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