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C Flight, No. 3 Squadron, 3 I.T.W., January 1941


You have just taken my breath away. I knew some of the details but not all. I need time to take this in. Thank you very much for responding so quickly. Obviously, time is against me as I too have only just realized how old Derek would have been had he survived WW11.

I am amazed that you were able to supply this information so swiftly. You can tell I am a novice.

Your news about Peter has left me non-plussed. I do not recall mention of his name however I have a cousin who might be able to offer some more information in this vein.

Once again, thank you. You guys are definitely providing me with a great deal of help in my quest.

P.S. Late last night I sent an e-mail winging its way to the above mentioned cousin in Australia who is also endeavouring to track down information about the family for the next generations. His mother was Derek's sister.

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