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Originally Posted by 320seriesTRE
I think Virgin is one of the last true British companies, which care about their employees and the customers.
It's this kind of rose-tinted viewpoint which creates expectations which are bound to be shattered and lead to disillusion and discontent! Virgin is not a charity, or some kind of benevolent experiment in worker welfare. It is a very hard-nosed business, which has a very shiny image. It's not that bad at dealing with its workforce generally, but it's not that good either - you'll notice it's never featured in the Times Top 100 Companies to Work For, for instance. It did try and convince the workforce to vote for it, but without success!

Virgin is a good place to work, on the whole, so long as your expectations are kept realistic. Like any large company, there are issues - some major - which keep the various workgroup representative bodies busy negotiating with the company to defend, protect, and hopefully enhance the terms and conditions we work under. The company, naturally - and especially in tight times economically - will fight to reduce costs by attacking those terms conditions, either directly or subtly. That is how it works, and it takes constant monitoring and effort to counter. I'd challenge you to show me many companies where this isn't the case. If you find one, go and work for them!
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