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I think long haul is about lifestyle and so it all depends on the individual. There are no right or wrong answers, just what is good/bad for you.

I think Virgin has its problems right now which, hopefully, will be addressed by BALPA. When I look at what I would be doing elsewhere eg flying for a low cost operator then overall I think Virgin is a good place to work. If time to command is an issue then you probably would not consider joining in the first place. My guess is that maybe those with about 10/11 years in the company may get a sniff at a command within a few years. However, once the slack is taken up those pilots just below them may have to wait a very long time after that.

As for time down route it is still possible to do a quite a lot if you make the effort. Also, the long haul lifestyle still allows guys to live, within reason, where they want. It ain't easy commuting, I know that myself, but you can live further away than would realistically be possible flying short haul.

Do I regret leaving my last company? Well for my part I thought I would get bored flying up and down the Bay of Biscay for the next 30 years. However, I only swapped that for the Atlantic instead. Overall it was good for me but clearly there are some pilots who became disillusioned who voted with their feet.
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