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I might be sick, i might be human - but isn't the thrill of air shows and in particular something as dynamic as the synchro pair, the fact that it is dangerous and that some plucky and talented bloke is up there doing it?

I don't begrudge these chaps two aeroplanes or any amount of coloured deisel. Airshows would be absolutely toilet if there was nothing spectacular about them and with spectacle comes danger. These guys do an amazing display in a modified trainer and charge at each other at speeds that the average human will never experience. In short, it was going to happen at some point! It's part of the game.

I am a fully paid up crab basher, but love the reds. I think that getting rid of them would be a mistake, and know that if we ever make display aviation flawlessly safe, we'll lose one of the main reasons we all love it. It would be like an un-contested scrum. Pointless.

Lastly - I have no idea what the head-to-head sanctuary plan is - but can we surmise that one of them owes the UK an aircraft, and his mate a beer?

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. And a pragmatic BOI!
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