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Many thanks again regle for the marvelous detail not found in the standard histories. Raises further questions (and then I promise to shut up). The night fighters with upward firing cannon did not always, I understand, use tracer and consequently crews often did not know what hit them even after they had been hit. Do you recall when this tactic became known to RAF intelligence and aircrew were briefed about it? Secondly, my old rear gunner informant told me that officialdom tried to explain away the enormous flash to be seen occasionally in the bomber stream, as the clever German's using a shell called a 'Scarecrow' to simulate a loaded bomber taking a direct hit and hoping thereby to put the wind up crews. He said they did not believe a word of it, they called them 'Ronsons', and accepted them for what they thought they were and carried on. Do you know any evidence that 'scarecrow' actually existed?
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