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An Apology

I believe that you owe Wings Folded an apology. You obviously didn't get the subtlety of his post.

It is a sad indictment that a thread that could teach people how and why we use 121.5 here has degenerated into mud slinging, from "professionals".

To non in particular...
If you haven't got anything to add to the debate. Keep your fingers off the keyboard in fear that you may type something stupid and prove to us all that you are a halfwit. Rather than leaving us guessing.

So the solution is what?
We stop using a valuable training aid for both pilots and D&D?
Then a real emergency unfolds and D&D are not as current as they could be. Does that really make sense?
Who would the "Guard Police" rant at then?
The pronunciation of Thames, Edinburgh or Loughborough?
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