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India Four Two quote; I've just been catching up on this thread after several days away and I would like to respond to AMF

Back in the sixties, when I had access to Air Clues, the RAF flight safety publication, we used to get a lot of amusement from the many articles in every issue about military pilots declaring emergencies because they were lost. The majority, if not all of the pilots in question, were from the USAF
Those USAF pilots weren't really lost. They were mapping targets and feeding the coordinates back to SAC, where they were entered by USAF missile techies into a few Minuteman III guidance computers so they'd fly true in the event you really meant "Better Red than dead", and got froggy enough about it to cause other USAF personnel living underground in holes in North Dakota to receive orders to insert and turn their keys.

And you fell for it. I agree; very amusing indeed.

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