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Leave Ops Officers Alone

Mahogany Bomber - well said and thank you for such an objective post.

Professional Student - your comments do not reflect the ops officers that I am in contact with. In fact I too am married to one and he has always gone out his way to assist air crew. To such a degree I have even found myself sitting in a crew room on a Saturday night whilst waiting to go out for dinner after a franctic aircrew phone call to home for help.

Your comments are unhelpful and derogatory to the majority of people in a branch who work extremely hard.

I do wonder why the RAF find it so difficult to still apparently accept the concept of the operations branch. The civilian world (and yes, I know you are different) would consider operations to be a specialisation both from an airline and airport perspective. Air crew fly, operations people control operations. Yes, there are bad eggs everywhere but please give these people the chance they deserve and stop berating them. It's been done to death before - change the record.
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