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Thanks for the efforts guys so far, keep em coming I'm really keen to understand a bit more.
Astronaute -
Stay at FR
- are you kidding?!! Come over, give it a go. The company and the Country (UK) make it just about impossible to live and have any kind of lifestyle here. I'm not going to go on some never-ending rant, it's just enough to say that it sucks big time and having spent a fair bit time already out in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, with all it's faults, it's a bloody paradise in comparison. The pay and benefits alone as an F/O on the 777 (off the website) is more than I get as a skipper in FR and then I'm robbed of nearly all of it in tax. Just enough left to cover the mortgage and feed us. Great!!!

Anyways, like I said keep the info coming it's much appreciated and I'm always open to a PM or two.

Cheers guys and girls.
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