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I think you'll find that those who comment on ACN have first hand experience. SASless had it right, ACN were (perhaps not now) a very good and safe company. Their fixed wing operation was by far the best, after flying OKADA and others it was a no brainer. That was the situation when I left in 1988, I returned in 1993 for a while and while the conditions were not as good as before, the tech dept gave me no cause for concern.
I too worked in Iran for 5 years in the 70's and with I can't remember how many helicopters in country but a quick check of my logbook comes up with 39 registrations flown. The only time we queried maintanence was after the revolution with a shift in the power base.
The Schreiner of Bob Schreiner was peerless, I am proud to have known the man and enjoyed my time with Schreiner all over the world. As soon as the faceless money men came in the personal touch went, and when the Canadian folk took over Schreiner died along with its name. Only the memories linger on.

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