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Just to clear one thing up - Virgin has less than 10 F/O's, yes thats less than 10 F/O's on forced unpaid leave / sabbatical at the moment.

The rest that took sabbatical/severance deals were not forced but volunteered as they had been offered opportunities elsewhere back in the LHS or elsewhere etc.

Now, as for a tie up with FlyBe well I personally can't see a problem with that. They're a great regional carrier and certainly aren't as hard on their people as easy and ruinair.

I dont think that any SFO's would be required to move to flybe purely for a LHS experience with an exchange programme. Seems a bit strange as a large amount of the FO's at Virgin have had jet commands either commercially or in the Air Force.

Oh and as for the ones on here trying to wee on Virgins fire, bog off and get on with your multi sector 900hrs.


ps: virgin pilots only fly 750hrs/yr this has not changed at all.

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