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Neither was I convinced of this on first hearing of it but it probably goes a little deeper than that. Now if the SFOs at Virgin would be taking RHS Dash positions for up to 18 months, we aren't talking about command upgrades at VS for at least 2 yrs at the earliest anyway. As for the money side of things, I don't think that would be changed as it would be treated more of a secondment rather than anything else with both pilots keeping their on T's and C's. As for the reluctance of the VS FOs? Well yes for some maybe, but for others it might be a bit of fun and a change for a year. One things for sure it will be a hell of alot more challenging!

But like I said I don't know whether its anything more than a rumour and I don't fly for either airline but will look on with interest. Sure there seems like a lot of questions to be asked and answered surrounding it but, if you think about it, it makes sense.
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