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Quite interesting piece, this one. Glad I did see it.

On one hand, I find this to be highly biased and conclusive despite there being an ongoing investigation.

On the other hand it does pose some valid questions, such as why they chose depart without fuelling to capacity, and how that could be legal.

Could anyone share some light to weather information and briefing in this part of the world? And does anyone know if this can be a case of the Isolated Aerodrome fuel policy (what is it, 2 hours final reserve and certain wx conditions?)

One way or the other, credits to the crew for ditching successfully, when ditching was the only remaining option. Now it will be interesting to see how they got to that situation in the first place, hopefully we can all learn something.

Edit: it according to wikipedia, the crew flew ILSs, however according to the AIP there are only nonprecision approaches avaliable.

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