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We must be talking about two different companies here because the ACN I worked for resembled very little of the "high standards" company you guys are all going on about.

So great was the old Schreiner's business model in fact that upon CHC's take-over in 05' virtualy the whole fleet had to be replaced due to v.poor condition of aircraft. And where did these crazy Canadians get the balls to expect a return on their investment ??? But then again its hard to make any money when you take over a company that has 50+ employees per aircraft, most of which never show up for work except for pay day.

Trying to upset all that superb " local " managment was just a recipe for disaster.......yeah, no arguments there. I suppose if the theft and embezzlement were allowed to continue un-interrupted peace could have been kept for few more years.

But clearly we're not talking about the same ACN here.....right ??

Over and out.

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