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Oh, Hammer! For a wonderful moment I thought you were he - Rainboe himself! You're a fabulous mimick!

It's somewhat a shame he was unable to control those tantrums of his; when he was calmed he offered very good advice and came out with much thought provoking statements. I'm sure he is missing us as much as we all miss him.

But I can well imagine him flipping and getting himself banned. He reminded me of a good old English eccentric who looked down over his reading glasses at anyone and everyone he thought was a twit. I remember how inflamed with rage he became when a member (Big Blue Eyes?) innocently asked on one of the general boards if airline pilots no longer had to retire at 55. Rainboe went berserk! He accused BBE of being a 'snooping ex-wife' after her ex-husband's PENSION! He really tore into her......accusing her of allsorts! Fortunately, another member came along and diffused the situation Rainboe had created...........but it did lead some to believe that Mr Rainboe had a first wife somewhere - and he was MOST outraged to think she'd get her claws on his pension sooner than he anticipated!

Oh, he was SUCH a character!
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