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Open fire

Alright Freight dog, please provide me some education.
I agree my first comment is a little flippant.
I already understand that an electric motor is substantially more efficient than an internal combustion engine (of the style in a car).
However I remain very unconvinced that in Hong Kong and Southern China with its massive dirty coal power production that we will actually be substantially better off for the amount of money spent. I'd love to see some factual data to prove otherwise. Every article that I have read highlights improvements as long as you are not just using coal for electricity.
I have no problem with the concept of a cleaner electricity grid producing a clear cut winner. My problem is with the electricity production style in this area of the world.

To answer your question - why don't they buy the solar panel. My answer - because its trendy to have the car (tesla) but they don't get a trendy feel from having a solar panel. And yes given it's cost, I do believe that the majority of those who have bought the tesla are doing so because its trendy.
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