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the reo:

electric is so clean.
I vote that you all get an electric car. That way we can all breathe better air because electric energy is so much more efficient than the petrol engine.

What's that
:" no don't tell them how Hong kong produces most of its electricity." "Ah come on we'll be getting rid of all those petrol fumes" "Ssshhh, I told you don't mention the coal burning plants"
that's a typical response of people who think very highly of their knowledge but actually fail to get the big picture - so do us a favour and do your homework ...
Of course the overall efficiency of a EV depends on the way the electricity is produced, but even with a heavily coal dependent electric grid as in China (or the US for that matter) an EV gets off better in overall emissons ...
Furthermore it shifts the emissions away from the roadside (directly under people's noses to breathe in, which here in HK is one of the main health hazards)
And - as a side note - why do you think that people who are spending 109,000 US$ on an Electric Sportscar won't get the solar panel package to charge it?
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