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Here's a hot tip for you young fellas that need to work on your big picture skills.

If you really want to save the planet & improve the air pollution in Hong Kong we should all drive Porsche 911's like I do. People laugh and say you have small man bits but at the end of the day chicks dig a hairy chest, gold chains and a fast car. Throw on a yellow skivvy & some cow boy boots and you'll have them eating out of you palm.

Some emissions information about the 911 from MSN UK Cars

Trade in your Ferrari F430 and you will instantly drop from 420g/km of co2 output to 266g/km, and get a fair lift in fuel economy, too. And yes, you will notice a drop in performance, but if a 911 isnít fast enough for you, you need a job in the RAF.

Cynics among you will claim that the two cars are so different as to be beyond comparison. And maybe, so try this one for size; the Porsche 911 Turbo, so fast it makes the Ferrari look like a Fiat, emits 307g/km and will get 22.1mpg on the combined cycle.
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