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What, you mean the launch or the nutter on board or the lack of air to air comms?

God knows why the launch. Taking it a bit too far if we're going to scramble Q for every p*ssed up nutter on a transatlantic flight...

As for what the article says about why cant they open a comms channel directly between the typh's and the airliner... they can cant they? Whats wrong with talking to them on Guard?

Or is there a difference between the Guard frequency used by US civil airliners and that used by NATO?? I'm sure there isnt. There must have been a reason why everything ended up being relayed through air traffic, if thats what really happened.

Wouldnt be surprised if Sky had got it a bit distorted somehow.

I dunno... tv news.... Give 'em a one off sniff of a CRC Ops room and they think they're Keith Park every time an AD incident happens....
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