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I liked this post, although I think it appears to fit in the context of the type of career Centaurus has had (and no disrespect intended). Specifically the FO is characterised as someone in the early stages of their airline career who has no or limited experience as an airline captain.
The FO I last flew with is older than me and was previously a TRE on L1011s and 737s . The usual political and economic factors mean RHS rather than LHS.
He might be forgiven for a ruefull smile at Centaurus's post though would probably agree with the central point. I respect his experience and support and he respects my role as having the ultimate responsibility. And we both know that the way aviation goes those roles could be reversed next time we meet!
Could some of the old captains on this forum perform as well if circumstances put them in an FO position?
I know from experience that most are very cool, but the biggest point scoring, pain-in-the-arse, call-you-mate FOs I ever flew with were EX TRI/Es from dunnunda!
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