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Are you suggesting the FO shouldn't be adjusting radios and Navaids without running it past the captain first?
This one is relatively easy to get around. (Well I think anyway - for Boeing at least)

Boeing produced a book - (Normal Procedures part of Vol 1) - it tells you the areas of responsibility for PF and PNF. If the radios come under the PNFs responsibility then I don't really think he (if PNF is F/O) needs to request the Capts permission.

Can you imagine the flight deck.

XXX contact BNE centre 132.75. "Capt they have asked me to contact BNE centre - can I change COM1 to 132.75? "

Bwhahah.......bet you if you did that for every frequency change - you would no longer need permission!

Seriously some of you guys are so full of yourself.

Its flying a jet - it requires some common sense and a reasonable degree of intelligence. You are not launching a space shuttle. Some people are just put on this planet to make life difficult for others - must be some part of human nature or just a genuine desire to be malicious and boost ones own ego.
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