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Brian Abraham
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Are you suggesting the FO shouldn't be adjusting radios and Navaids without running it past the captain first?
Pay attention and learn. Centaurus said in his OP
Do not change radio or navaid selections without first advising the PF. Not only it is bad manners but can be distracting to the PF to see the RMI needle moving to a new position for no apparent reason.
Especially when one is approaching the minima on a non precision and see the needle moving to a new position for no apparent reason, because the other seat thought it a good idea to set up the nav for the next leg. To quote Fantome "He lacked everything but inexperience."
If this is the case there is surely no point in having multi crew cockpits. The captain could just do it all themselves.
Its not a one man band, its two (or more) people working in a coordinated fashion. Think teamwork.
Is this a wind up??
Hope you get the idea most definitely not. Reread the OP.
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