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With the greatest respect, much of the OP's post comes from views bourne out of wartime aviation and aircraft designs therein.

Modern multicrew airliners are certified for and require 2 or more pilots to operate.

The operation of which, (in both normal and abnormal) situations require the successful integration of the efforts of 2 quite seperate and distinct roles.

In reality, modern airline pilots are trained to fulfill either role. Especially Airbus pilots who are either PF or PNF and it is the responsibility of the FO to know his place and the Capt to either respect and use the knowledge his FO may have or delegate a role.

In my current airline FO's are graded in the sim on their ability to manage normal and non normal situations.

Having said all that, its up to the Capt to set the tone and ultimately as an FO, if you're not happy with proceedings then there's the "Capt you must listen" line (or whatever your airline uses), the axe, engine master switches off, or if it gets really bad- park the brakes, blow a slide and off load yourself.

Edited to add:

As an aside, wartime avaition never witnessed industrial situations that have occurred in the last 20 years or so that have resulted in situations nowadays where quite often the FO is frequently often older and more experienced with significant heavy jet time compared to the 30 year old A320 Capt on his left.
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