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Let's hope VC does not care about the media hype - and the campaign run by the LH managament against the pilots.

When the pilots win their case - which they will, this is for sure, they did in 2001 - the media will focus on any next weird thing. And the dumb public will follow. Like we all do, don't we?

As the germans say "Morgen wird eine andere Sau durchs Dorf getrieben".

I remember a media campaign against the "greedy" train drivers a few years ago. Guess what: their union did what had to be done, they won - and 1 week later nobody cared.

As said before: LH management broke contracts, outsourced and played foul.

Now they get the bill. And they probably need that bill to show it to the "shareholders" - to keep their job. Who knows.
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