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Isn't it funny, the pilots arguments "top money for a top job" and "no outsourcing to too cheap competitors" are always preposterous or arrogant, therefore wrong, until the s#!t hits the very own fan.
I remember journalists, doctors, even politicians throwing around these same arguments with their utmost and (well lobbied) conviction when their jobs or positions were under threat!!!
When it comes to pilots, no contract, no law is respected anymore, the general public simply loves to join in to the demolishment of their perceived overpaied status, for the sake of ultracheap travel ..... until one or two smoking holes start pointing at the peanuts for monkey theme and then suddenly EVERYONE NEEDS AND WANTS top qualified and superbly trained professionals.

What a hypocrisy.

The customer is king and Geiz ist geil mentality has its merits, but stay logical AND FAIR in that game, otherwise at least stand responsible for the consequences.
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