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It is hard work mate, especially when you see some of the lucky ones get the dream run (9 months to C441 for example) but unfortunately its all about timing up in the top end.

Like so many people have said before me, your best best is to pick a location and settle in there, work a servo job or whatever to make ends meet, and keep pestering the operators until they give you a job...even an ops job is better than nothing some times because you have a foot in the door and you KNOW when they will recruit next.

Having less than 400 hrs is hard but there are operators that will hire you depending on their need for pilots. My suggestions for low time pilots:

Air Frontier
Barrier (maybe)
Charter (even less likely)

AAA Charter
Kakadu Air Charter (Services maybe?)


Katherine Aviation

Hooker Creek:
Lajimanu (not the correct spelling)

Hope that helps mate. Chin up, we've all been there before but when you come out the other side you'll be better off for it and you'll have great stories to tell!

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