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sponsorship and employment

Hi guys,

ok, I was one of the lucky guys who did see the scam in the CTC scheme.
Look, this thread goes all about how bad and what can be done better with CTC.

one of my former collegues had done the CTC thing. Poor him (personal opionion) however, he paid and is still waiting since like more than 7 months now.

No job for him from CTC so far.

Guys before spending this much money, try to apply with others such as Air Berlin, learn german for couple of months, try Sichuan Airlines ...they are expanding and recruiting, and there are many more.

I had my last interview a couple of days ago.

Next for me is Avico Aviation. link to them and sponsored program is here .
You see, other employ and give you the type rating....this PPRuNe guys which tell you that there is no hope...screw them! Not everything is bad...I belive the CTC guys do a job and a pilot wanting to join CTC must read and evaluate the options.

hope I could help someone

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