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Originating Region Code Assignment Method

The idea is that areas that use the same codes should be far enough apart that there is little or no possibility of wrong radar identification

Now developing further into
CCAMS: Centralised SSR Code Allocation and Management System (in evaluation mode)

Aimed at improving safety, CCAMS assigns SSR codes to flights in the IFPS zone automatically and more efficiently than the current ORCAM rules. A more efficient use of SSR codes will prevent flight delays and increase safety (e.g. due to less code switches). CCAMS functions include: receiving and processing 4D flight data, assigning SSR codes to flights while preventing code conflicts, identifying crossed ATSUs and distributing them the allocated SSR codes.
With the CFMU 12.2, the CFMU is ready to start operational evaluations with volunteer ANSPs.

For more details, consult the Releases Deployment Plan in the CFMU website’s Library.
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