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I would say that both of your distinct schools of thought are correct at the same time.

Shelling out the huge amounts of money was always a gamble, no matter whether that debt was secured or not. Even if you had something to fall back on, that wasn't even in itself a cast iron insurance policy.

Even in the good times, one had to be mindful that the next downturn might only be just round the corner albeit there were the warning signs in mid/late 2007. The 100% placement guarantee could only ever be one of those temporary and variable things.

As for current potential cadets. Yes, the training is great. Yes, you'll have a great time whilst you doing it. Yes, the golden goose is now dead. It's a lot of money to pay to sit in an imaginary swimming pool full of other equally desperate people, when the brochure has sold you the heated jacuzzi filled with chicks.
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