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Hi Guys,

I read these threads with great intrest. From a young wipper snapper it has always been my dream to fly and up untill recently that dream has seemed a million miles away as i just did not have the financial means to fund the training. HOWEVER, now a certain twist of fate does show me some light at the end of the tunnle. Clearly from reading these forums i would not entertain an intergrated course with Oxford etc.

A few questions though that i would love you to pick away at......

1.These intergrated courses speak of contiunity of training, structured development....will recruiting airlines take this same view or are they just interested in the fact of the qualification u have rather than the way you got there....

2.I was looking at going to EFT in Florida to do a fast track cpl....$46k
for ppl,night,cpl,me,and jaa ir........this also seems very reasonable and after trauling through PPRuNe found hardly a bad word to say about EFT ?? But could i get better training than this at a similar price if i pick and choose between schools.......this to me just seemed sort of the best of both worlds.....good price, decent structure and time frame and what appears to be a well spoke of establishment.

thanks for your time
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