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Modular route for me too....

Cost me about 50k all in and I sold my house to pay for it. All training post PPL was with a modular schoolin the UK.

I could have saved so much money through better decisions/better luck, but I'm comfortable with the money I spent and, now employed with a TP operator in the UK, happy I did it.
  • Hours building in the US would have saved me thousands but on the flip side my experience of UK/EU airspace/phrasology etc wouldn't have been as sharp.
  • I was a knob and paid for the PPL course up front and lost half my money when welshpool went bust after completing 25 hours ish.
  • I could have swapped full time groudschool for distance learning but as I left education some 10 years earlier, I elected to be spoon fed the info

Would I do it again given the choice? yep, every time. Didn't like the house much anyway
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