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Hunterboy wrote:
I'm all for customer choice, and the power of the customer. As a frontline BA employee, I am one of the "apologists" that you hear when the buses don't turn up or the BAA jetty doesn't work, or the deicing rigs arent allowed on a stand to de-ice because the BAA H&S police have forbidden it.
If BA goes under, who/what do you think will replace them? Do you think the new incumbent will fare better given LHR's creaking infrastructure?
Are you willing to pay more to expand and upgrade Heathrow Airport?
Sadly, for UK plc, most of us aren't willing to pay.
.... thanks to planning constraints, buses are necessary for the life of T5
Ah, but so many of us are paying more because of LHR's exhorbitant landing fees etc... what are they doing with all that money?
T5 was supposed to be state of the art, and should have been built to cope with at least the next 10 to 20 years in mind. How come it needs buses to operate after about 2 years? Bad planning, lack of foresight... whatever, it will be down to so-called senior managers somewhere, people not fit to do those jobs
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