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The cadets that are starting TR's now, started their CTC training in Summer/Autumn 2007. No sign or very little sign of a recession and a great placement history with funding through an unsecured loan.

Queues around the block outside every high street branch of Northern Rock?

BBC NEWS | Business | Rush on Northern Rock continues

Note the date - 15th Sept 2007.

House prices had declined in a straight line every month all year in the USA. Interest rates were being slashed, the media was awash with talk of recession, finanacial crisis, bank runs, house price crashes, credit crunches.

Its 2 years and 4 months since Northern Rock. I think anyone who gambled 70,000 on the prize of a jet job at a major airline post Northern Rock wasn't properly pricing the risk. The financial weather radar was solid magenta by Autumn 2007 but still they took off.

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