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Sirtoppamhat perhaps you misunderstood me? I don't think this would be the place to discuss the political abilities of either Portillo or Abbott. It's irrelevant what you or I think of them - my point was that they are both very experienced politicians who generally adopt almost diametrically opposing views on matters of policy. Therefore, when they both conclude that the carriers and F-35 are dead, we can also draw our own conclusions n'est ce pas?

Ivan your comments sound remarkably similar to those which could have been applied to an even bigger (and better-equipped) maritime airfield at the other end of the country - but we all know what happened to that one! I don't think anyone would question Kinloss' value, but it doubtless counts for nothing when the penny-counters look at the hard fact that the base would (if retained) be the home for maybe two, three or four active aircraft. Who is going to allow that kind of nonsensical arrangement to continue for long?
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