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Ladies and Gents please wake up. You are all fooling yourselves! I'm a current EasyJet pilot and I have all the sympathy in the world for the guys who have come out of CTC this year to find themselves left well and truly in the poo.

Unfortunately for all you guys coming from CTC next year and onwards you will find far less sympathy from the pilot population at EasyJet, you guys got yourselves into huge debt in the middle of a recession with airlines going bust. Honestly what were you thinking? What is even more baffling is that CTC are still sending full courses out to NZ, again what are you people thinking?! It makes me question you ability to operate a aircraft at commercial level, clearly you must be slightly mentally unstable to sign up to this course with the industry in its current state. On top of that you are directly affecting the T&C's of the pilots you one day hope to be working with. Are you all that stupid and selfish? Of course when you finally finish you will be demanding the support of the current Easy pilots to support your cause.

Abandon hope all ye who enter the great CTC machine
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