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Afternoon Peers,

As always i hope this post finds you well and good, another day has passed me by in Maun. Woke up pretty early this morning to hear birds going mad uo n the tree above my tent. Oh and last night had my hair shaven off, which has left me looking like a idiot. That is the last time i let the lads talk me into something.

Heard of one of the operators hiring two guys today, one out of town and another who has become to be a good friend of mine. But it's ok my hopes are still alive and am more hungry than ever.

Been helping around again at the opertors working on there computers, which is cool because i get to sit in a air conditioned office.

Went for lunch at the Buck and Hunter and ate the biggest burger i have ever seen, a foot long.

Back at Audi relaxing waiting for another day to start tomorrow.

Wish i had more to tell you today, but unfortunatly i dont. I feel like im getting along with everyone in town always laughing my socks off. One good thing is, it doesnt matter where you are in the world aslong as you have good company around you. Im glad i have!!!

Anyway must go, but please feel free to post and if you have any leads world wide please please please PM me.

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