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Gee's Ant's what else? On one hand reading all of this has been a bit of a hoot. On the other, something is going on, they are having you do stuff for them. Are they asking any one else ? I don't pretend to know how things are done there. It seems to me that you are being looked at and in a good way. My guess if there is a job on the horizon, you are going to get it.

You complain about the heat, well I am going to clue you in on something, yesterday was the first day since Christmas were I didn't need the Silk long Johns and the Durafold thermals on. The other day it was -2 F when I got up in the morning, this morning it was just about 57 F. Its warn wet and very windy today. At least you have a pool and plenty of cold beer to go along with the ants.

Well it good to know that you have support from family, its a catch 22 you can't get a job with flight time and you can't get the flight time with out a job. Welcome to the part of aviation that nobody talks about when you go to flight school, only there are jobs to the end of the horizon out there for you with your Wet Inked Pilots Certificate.
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