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Afternoon Guys,

As always i hope all is well and good, just got back to Audi camp sitting with a ice cold coke, waiting for one of the lads to cook us all a meal.

As you are aware yesterday was a bad day. But today was a new day and as said in my post earlier that the phoniex has yet again risen from the ashes.

Was at the airport again bright and early popping my head around the door of the operators. After my rounds sat back at Bon arrive only to have two pilots from different operators come over and ask if i could help them with some data analysis and have a look at there computers.

It made me feel great being asked, i shot out of my chair paid the bill and ran to the operators. Sat most of the morninng doing work for one and then running to the other operator to help ot there.

They were very pleasant and thankful. I like it when people ask me to help out, it beats sitting around Bon arrive watching my pokets loose weight while my stomach puts it on. I think Bon arrive should make me a stake holder.

3 more new guys in town today, i've lost count now,but now i dont even care how many people are here looking for work. I have my A game with me now and nothing is going to get me down. When every door has closed in my face then i will know it time to move onto somewhere else.

Some of the guys were talking about heading to the delta by road in about 2 weeks so think i may join them ifthey still have a seat left.

Again guys sorry about yesterday, i had a PM from a person who i would now class as a friend, basicaly saying " stop being a D**K" " Get yourself together".

I have not heard of any other news from any leads or jobs that i have applied for. But it's ok, im in the playing fields at the moment and will see how it goes.

To all of you posting on here sending me your notes of encouragement THANK YOU SO MUCH. It really is a morale booter, many of you are sitting in front of your computers thinking GOD is Kash on his periods. He keeps going hot and cold on us. Well boys hopefully it will be all hots from now on. Well im going to try my best and if i fail ill keep trying.

Anyway guys enough for the day, im starving going to get a bite to eat. But as always i hope this post and every other finds you well.

Take care!!
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