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Morning Peers,

Firstly i would like to apologise for sounding really down last night, I have woken up to check my messages am overwhelmed at the messages of encouragment. Yesterday was a bad day for me and my mind took me to places i didnt want to go.

But today the phoniex has risen out of the ashes and will be going to the airport in the same manner as i first arrived, it's amazing what a good nights sleep can do to a person.

I'm going to be sticking around until the end. Forget about Emirates they can wait!!

Muddy Boots has made some great comments in the above post and he is right in the grand scheme of things i havent even started!!

I do look back at all the post and PM people have sent me and honestly it cheers me up like no other.

My family read this thread yesterday and i got a phone call from them as soon as they read my post yesterday. My dad just said, "your not coming home yet, you have a job to do".

Again im sorry if i came across like a little girl. But today i have my strength, hope and determination like no other. I am hoping for some feedback today from a operator across the border. I pray it comes back positive.

Anyway i have a job to do, i have to go and find one. So for now you all take care and i hope you all feel as content as i do today. And if you find your not then i hope you have the strength to make yourself content.
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